Monday, May 4, 2015

What A Weekend!

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity! As I woke up this morning, I knew there was good reason that my bones were creaking and muscles were sore. But it was worth it. Every single ache.

On Friday night, my son Cole, my husband, and myself shot 18 holes of disc golf right after work. The weather was BEAUTIFUL; no wind, blue skies, sunshine, 70 degrees. I shot a 38 and a 32---which is my lowest score EVER on 18. I was very proud! The best part though? My friend Victoria & her son Parker (who were going to go swimming at the complex at the same site but found it closed) walked along with us! GREAT COMPANY! I hope they'll golf with us sometime!

After disc golf, we went for a ride out into the country and stopped by my aunt & uncle's farm to visit. And wouldn't you know----it's spring, which means they had baby kittens!!!!!

Que: The kitten selfie! Who doesn't love kittens?!
 Satan-ists. That's who.

This little guy is super lazy, loves naps, and lives to eat. MY SPIRIT ANIMAL!!!!
At Friday's close, this was my Fitbit step count.

Success for the day!


Saturday morning we were up bright & early. My husband's cousins were shooting trap and we wanted to go and support them. It was a GORGEOUS morning; seventy degrees by 10 am and a very light breeze. (I was sweating in my zip-up. It was that warm.)

Who doesn't love the smell of gunpowder in the morning?!?!

 That's my husband's cousin in the pony tail taking her shot. She's so AWESOME!
 It's amazing how responsible, well trained, and skilled these kids are! It's actually really neat to watch them do their thing. I remember growing up learning how to property handle, shoot, clean, and maintain a gun. It's neat to see that tradition carried on.

We had about three hours to wait between the first cousin shooting and the second, so we made a trip to our favorite bike shop to see if my tire was in yet. No dice. After that we doubled back to Kiel, WI, which was nearby the trap shoot, and went for a walk through the park by the water.

Love the trestle bridge in the distance and the weeping willow in the foreground.

My brother and sister-in-law did their wedding photos in this park and on this bridge. Such neat memories!
Summertime selfie! (Clearly my guys are NOT photo takers. So, I'm on my own- which means you get selfies. Haha!)
It was such a pretty morning for a walk through the park and a good way to kill a bit of time. On the way out, we stopped and played on the kiddie equipment too. I took a couple million spins on the merry-go-round and bounced around on the teeter-totter! Who says you need to grow up?
(Side note: There is a Frisbee golf course there too! We are totally bringing discs next time!)

Saturday afternoon we (Nate & myself) played another 18 holes of Frisbee golf and soaked in more sunshine. It was quite a bit windier and my face got a little wind burned, but that's alright. I shot a 60 on that course (which is 2 over my best score there.) Once we were done, we hurried back to our kiddo, because that evening would mark a significant milestone...

Cole's first prom...

That's right... My once little boy was quite the handsome young man- all dressed to the nines and headed to his very first high school prom. It was held at Mulberry Lane farms, which uses an old barn as it's social hall. It's very country-chic and is an extremely beautiful location! *insert tears of joy here* I'm sure I don't need to remind you how far we've come from living in a hospital witnessing him battle his cancer, not once- but twice, to here. We are VERY blessed!

As Saturday came to a close, this was my Fitbit report for the day.

Another successful day!
Sunday morning was restful. In the truest sense of the word. We had picked Cole up from prom around midnight, which meant we crawled in bed around 12:45 am. I hadn't mentioned it, but I was running on little to no sleep from the days prior also, so I was exhausted. (I don't know what's up with that, but I've not been sleeping well.) Sunday morning I woke up around 8:45 and laid in bed for almost an hour reading blogs and listening to the birds sing. I dozed off again around 10 and slept for another hour. That is NOT typical for me, but it happened. I can't remember the last time I slept after 9 am... 

By 11 I was up, showered, loading up on coffee, and getting work done. But I still felt sluggish. Tired. I've been absolutely kicking ass and taking names where my fitness is concerned lately---and, in classic fashion, my knees have been bugging me and my muscles and body have felt heavy and sore. Sunday was no exception. I was feeling it...

By Sunday afternoon at 3, I was asleep. Again. This time on my husband's lap on the sectional in the living room. I dozed off during the Brewer game and slept two full hours. I must have really needed it...

When I woke up, though, it was go time! I was rested, full of energy, and wanted to push "play". Cole was content to watch the Avengers movie and chill on the sofa on his Sunday evening, so Nate and I jumped in the car and drove to our family land that edges a deep, quiet marsh. We took a long walk down both the lane and then down the dirt road; just out and backs for a little over a mile each way.  (We found no morel mushrooms yet. *sigh*) Then it was time to head home and make dinner.

Dinner came and went and kiddo was still adamant he wanted to relax (teen boys, y'all...), but I just could not sit still. So, I popped back out to the car and drove down to Calumet County Park to watch the sun set and take another walk. (Thank goodness for hybrid vehicles, right?!) It was the most awesome night to do it too! 70 degrees, heavy wind- causing the waves to roll and crash, and a breathtaking skyline over the water. This is where I feel most relaxed...

Moments after sunset

Took a second to sit lakeside
What's neat about Calumet County Park is that it's very, very long and all along the water. You can walk for a quite a distance lakeside, listening to the water crash and watching the deer and ducks in the park. It's one of my favorite places in the world.

So great....
He was trying to be funny, but this picture ended up cute.
 Careful, Mr. K. Your love is showing. ;)
At the end of the day, this was the Fitbit report.

That means that over the three day weekend, I put in 33,508 steps for a total of 13.54 miles! I'm feeling every single one of those miles today, but it's SO worth it!

 Now then- I really hope the scale does what it should do this week and I post another loss... Fingers crossed...

All in all, it was a nice weekend with lots of fresh air and sunshine. Here's hoping the work week flies by and I can do much of the same next weekend!

How was YOUR weekend?


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Weigh-In, Progress, and Some Pretty Awesome Photos!

First things first.... because I know you're DYING to know....

Boom! I have been DYING for this day to come and to see a bigger loss after a few weeks of "Meh". I have been putting in the work and watch my food like a hawk, and- for the first time (as I've mentioned before)- I'm being very honest with myself about my choices. It feels good to finally see a little bit faster progress and a bigger loss! 

I truly believe that part of the reason I might start seeing faster results is this thing....


I love this Fitbit! Why? Because I am a goal orientated girl! Plain & simple! I set a goal and I go all gung-ho to hit it. I am that way professionally, personally, and where fitness is concerned too.  For instance, I got this bad boy late on Sunday, so the first day I wore it all day was Monday. Monday night? 10,000 steps! Boom! On Tuesday we had other plans, but I still managed almost 6,000 steps. Last night? 10,000 steps! 

What's really cool is that this has peaked my husband's interest too... He downloaded an app on his smart phone (which he carries with him constantly right now.) We put the app up against the Fitbit and they were within a few steps of each other after nearly a mile! He finds the information on the program really cool- as do I with the Fitbit information. Long story short, he is considering getting a Fitbit also so he doesn't need to carry his phone. What does that mean for me? Constant workout pal to chase down my steps with! Yes! (In all honesty, I already do 90% of my workouts with him.) Also, Nathan, like me, is a goal junky. He too loves to chase down his goals and tick them off as completed. Love it!
Taking last night from the lane on my parent's land

Lately, we've been spending a lot of time walking out in the country near the marsh and also on my parent's land. The roads are dirt in both places and it's so quiet and FULL of nature. Cranes. Geese. Ducks. Deer. Turkey. Pheasants. So special! We keep our eyes peeled for morel mushrooms and ramps this time of year on our walks, but we haven't found any yet. I guess if you have to sweat and workout, it might as well be in a place that inspires you, right? 

Last night the WDNR (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources) was doing a controlled burn in a part of the marsh not far from where we were walking. They do this to "turn the land over." Controlled burns in these areas promote new growth and keep the soil healthy. I got a couple of really dramatic and beautiful photos. 

Aren't those beautiful? 

It's strange. I was once all about facts and figures where all of this was concerned. Lately---I'm just doing what feels good and makes me happy. And maybe that's why the weight loss has turned back on? I'm disc golfing almost every night with my son & husband. I'm out in nature going for walks. And we're building small workouts within our day to get closer to our goals. It just....feels good. 

Know what else feels good? Piglet bandaids for my 'boo-boos.' Because Winnie the Pooh makes everyone feel better... 

Piglet for the WIN!!!!!  


Monday, April 27, 2015

Holy Hell; Where Have I Been!?!?

Yes, yes- I know. I've been absent the last week. I'm sorry! It isn't because I didn't miss you all!

Last week was a weird week---mostly because I hurt myself sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning. I either pulled or hyperextended a muscle in my back---and I was in hell. I could not move. Everything hurt---bending, stooping, stretching, breathing. I don't know what I did, but it took four days for me not to feel like somebody was stabbing me. And I wanted to write about it. I did. But you know what they say about whining----"If you don't have anything nice to say, then...." And I didn't. I truly didn't have anything nice to say about much of anything. I spent four nights on my sectional resting (which is tough for me these days.) I posted a 0.2 lb gain on the scale Wednesday morning. We nearly had a swimming pool in the basement on Thursday night (because hubby accidentally forget that he left the water running while refilling the fish tank.) And I was bored to tears. (Literally. Of frustration.) 

Always wanted a pool. Just not INSIDE the house. Yes, the water is up to the top of the sink and on the floor- running left into our dining room. 
By Friday night, I was over it. All of it. The sitting still. The resting. The ache. The muscle in my back was still a little bit tender, but not painful. So this happened.

I could not help it, for the record! Four days of pent up aggression and boredom came pouring out. I should have taken it slow, probably. But... Well..... I did the fastest, hardest fifteen minute ride I've ever done on the trainer. EVER. I'm usually barely warm in 15 minutes, but Friday night the resistance was turned to the highest level and sweat was pouring down my face as I pushed my cadence to the limit. After that I did another 15 minutes of very fast paced yoga with tons of planking, warrior poses, and down-dog holds. I was a sweaty mess---but it made me feel WORLDS better in only 30 minutes! Love. It.

My friend says I'm 'servin' it up' here. I don't know what I'm serving---but it wasn't ice cream. I could SO go for ice cream.

This last weekend was awesome---especially being able to move around after having to rest all week. On Saturday our little family of three went shopping for new running shoes for the guys, grabbed a bite to eat, and then threw a 9 hole round of frisbee golf together. The course is just under a mile walk and a good reason to get outside and move around. I got my butt SMOKED by my husband and son, but that's alright. I'm used to it by now. (They're REALLY good.)

After our walk, we took a drive again to one of our favorite spots to see the sunset...

Killsnake Wildlife Area

On Sunday, it was a work day around our house, but it was still really nice. The three of us threw Frisbee golf again on Sunday morning.

Myself & my handsome guys
(I love the above picture. A lot. And no- I don't care about angles or makeup or whatnot. We were happy. We were together. And that's what life is about.)

On Sunday afternoon we worked out in our yard. I raked out the landscaping beds and cut our lawn for the first time this year. (I LOVE the smell of fresh cut grass!) It was cathartic to get out and do that stuff, because it means summer is coming. And we are SO ready in Wisconsin for that! (Not ready for mosquitoes, but oh well...) It's been ungodly cold here...
Last night, Nathan and I headed down to our family land for a walk. We strolled down by the woods and back and then walked to the end of the dirt road and back. (We were searching for morels and ramps!) It's a very quiet area on the edge of thousands and thousands of acres of swamp---and I find it so peaceful. Rabbits. Pheasants. Cranes. Deer. Geese. Killdeer. Red-winged blackbirds. It was only a mile and a half walk total, but it was blissful.

All in all, my head is back in the game. I'm feeling better. I'm active again. And I'm hoping for a good week---for all of us. I need to just keep reminding myself of this.....