Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans often go awry...

This weekend was more low key workout wise than I would have liked, but I'll admit that it was nice to "wing it" and not have plans written down and scheduled in. (The rest of the summer is CRAZY already with plans.) The long and short of it is that the knee pain is persisting and that has continued to slow me down. No sense in complaining about it, but it's true. Patience is a virtue for sure....

Friday night Cole and I took a ride down to the lake after dinner to unwind a little bit. It was a stunning sunset to close out the week. Everything had seemed so chaotic lately and a recharge was necessary...

Breathe in. Breathe out.
On Saturday morning  I was up early. Our world was covered in fog at 6 am and everything was so still and unspoiled. Living in the city, that doesn't happen often, so I enjoyed it by opening the bedroom window and laying back down in bed. I never really fell asleep, but it was so nice to just quiet my mind, sprawl out, feel the mist blow in the window and across my face, and listen to the birds sing without worrying about time.

A few hours later I was off to the races though, as I had a massage scheduled. And was it ever needed! My massage therapist is amazing. She immediately identified my issues and went to work. My spine was/is misaligned right below my neck (which explains the headaches I've been having lately), my hips & glutes were extremely tight, and my entire right leg was pulled tight like a rubber band from mid-thigh down to almost my ankle. In her professional opinion, it's my IT band that is causing my pain. She worked it out as much as possible and gave me great advice moving forward to help it.  

Driving home from my massage

It's a good thing that Saturday morning was so restful and quiet, because Saturday afternoon and evening was a different story---because this sweetheart was with us! She's high energy and SO MUCH FUN! Nieces are the BEST!

For privacy reasons, I do not post face photos of my family or inlaws without their specific permission on my blog---but you can see how completely adorable she is with those curls!!!!
I swear---I might not have went to the gym this weekend, but I sure felt like I did by Saturday night!  I walked Curly in her stroller for forty five minutes and spent the rest of the afternoon/night tickling, 'flying', playing, crawling, bending, stooping, and making faces at her. I love this cutie-patootie so much!

Sunday mornings are a time for reflection. And since Curly went home to her parents late Saturday night and my Cole stayed overnight at his gramma's house, I was up, out of bed, and headed to the lakeshore park that morning- coffee in-hand.

Calumet County Park is a very longggggggg park that literally runs lengthwise along Lake Winnebago. (Lake Winnebago is the second largest inland freshwater lake in the world next to Lake Victoria in Africa. It's about 26 miles long and 11 miles wide with 88 miles of shoreline!) What's neat is you can park in the camping area in the north end of the park and walk all the way down south of the harbor and back, which is easily over a mile----and it's all right next to the lake. The waves are crashing, trees are dancing, brooks are running, deer are feeding, and birds are singing. It's bliss---and my favorite spot in the world.  


It was overcast and very windy Sunday, so the waves were rolling like crazy. Basically I'm telling you that it was perfect. I sat on the picnic table next to the water for a long time letting the spray from the waves hit my face and even did some beachcombing. I found these and stacked them up. Balance is important.

These very rocks are now on my desk at work.

I felt thoroughly rested and relaxed when I left the park, and that's great, because I had Curly again for about four hours Sunday afternoon. She is hardly 'work', however, because she is ALWAYS fun to have around! We go big and play hard. (Read: I needed a nap too!)

By Sunday evening, I was ready for the week ahead with plenty of rest, relaxation, and happiness in my heart and under my belt. This stunning sunset following a brief thunderstorm on Sunday afternoon wasn't bad to end the weekend either.

Here's to the week ahead!