Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The MisAdventures of Sarah

Omgosh! I am SO behind! Life has been just a liiiiiiitle bit (lot) busy the last week or so- and I've totally lost track of time in the blogging sense. I have been running, literally and figuratively, every day!


Friday after work things turned super sweet in a quick hurry. I wore my brand new floor length maxi skirt, so it was MEANT to be a good day right off the bat. (It feels like BUTTER, people! BUTTER! Long and flowy and bright and comfy!) But THEN----my husband also surprised me when I got home and put together an amazing night complete with my favorite dinner, movies, flowers, and treats. (I didn't NEED those treats calorie wise, but occasionally is fine. Is what it is. Show me sometime who NEVER has sugar and I'll show you a liar.) The truth is, I've been working very, very hard at the office and I was really feeling it. Nate decided I needed a little mini vacation. So- kiddo was off to Grammas and I curled up on the sofa and relaxed ALL NIGHT. It was PERFECT! I have NO idea when the last time is that that happened... Loved. Every. Second.


Saturday was a WHIRLWIND! My mom and I hit the big city and spent literally all day shopping. I didn't buy too much, but walking all day felt really good. I took my mom for an incredible Italian lunch at Victorias and picked up some new Clinique goodies at Macys. Those were the highlights of the day for SURE! (Although some would argue that that bright pink lipstick was the highlight! Lady at the makeup counter though it looked really good on me. Jury is still out...)
More on my recent adventures soon! We've been out walking the city recently (since the weather is actually bearable) and there's LOTS to talk about. Spring is here!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Calling It Quits

Today is a tough day. A tough, tough, tough day.

Many of you probably know that I gave up meat entirely for Lent. I'm 31 days in now, and to be honest, giving it up had actually been very easy for me. I don't crave it- even now. My commitment to keeping my Lenten promise was something I had, and do, feel very strongly about.

All that said, as my health and wellbeing have started to come into play and I start to see "warning signs" on my horizon in regard to the state of my body, I wonder about whether I made a smart decision for myself. (Not that vegetarian living ISN'T smart. That's NOT what I'm saying AT ALL so please don't twist it.) Yes- I said health and well being. See, the first 10 days, I felt FANTASTIC! It was a great reset for my body to get nothing but greens and "clean" food in. I felt strong, empowered, and was really happy with my decision. But not long after, everything started to go pear shaped...

The last two weeks, I have felt "off"- especially having felt so good the first ten days into this thing. And you know- I tried to blame it on other things. I bluffed. I made excuses. But the proof was right there all along... I noticed, suddenly, that I was extremely tired. All. The. Time. I started to feel lethargic and my energy was zapped. Then the headaches started creeping in. It felt just like a sugar crash. Scary- especially when it happened at the gym after my workout on Saturday. I didn't put two and two together right away as to why it happened, and I didn't broadcast it because it was just so strange, but I nearly passed out at the gym after just 40 minutes of lifting. All the sudden I got very dizzy, turned extremely pale, and needed to lie down. Nathan was there and took care of me, but it shook me pretty bad. Fast forward five days to today- and that workout still has me hurting. Badly. The muscles in my shoulders never recovered. Even typing this, I can feel a dull ache in them. NOT NORMAL. Normally I might have a day, maybe two, where I'm more sore than normal, but it certainly never hurt like this or lasted this long. I also noticed that lately, as in the last ten or so days, no matter how hard I try, I can't sleep. We bought a new bed about a month ago and it's INSANELY comfortable- so it's not that. I just don't REST. I sleep lightly and wake up a lot during the night with cold sweats. That's not normal either. And then there's the sadness... My mood has changed. Dramatically. I literally cried myself to sleep last night for no reason. And my life is HAPPY! There is NO reason to feel like that... And do we even need to talk about my hair falling out like crazy lately?

All things considered, the ONLY conceivable thing that could be going on, the only change and shift I've made and that it could be attributed to, is a protein deficiency. I never ever thought about it, but I've been iron deficient since I was 18 years old and have taken a supplement for it. Can you imagine what giving up red meat has done to those levels? Furthermore, red meat helps to balance out blood sugar. I know this is true. That completely explains the crash after the workout Saturday...

And so I think I've made a decision. Not for vanity. Not because of cravings. Not because of influence or a momentary lapse in judgement. (Because-trust me- I've given this A LOT of thought and it's nearly broken my heart!) I think today, 31 days into my vegetarian commitment, I am calling it quits. I am genuinely concerned for my health, and having talked it over with my husband, we both think that God knows how committed I've been and that He would never want me to put myself in harm's way as a tribute to my love for Him.

I'm feeling sad, but I'm looking forward to getting the train back on it's track. I don't want to feel this weak every day, or fight off headaches, or reach for a can of soda to spike my blood sugar. I just want to feel STRONG and HEALTHY again... And I'm not saying that you can't live a very healthy, strong life as a vegetarian. But just as no two metabolisms are the same, no two reactions to a specific diet are the same either. I know that this is making ME feel terrible---but that is not the case for millions of vegans and vegetarians throughout the world. And I respect that.

What say you? Do I need to feel so guilty for making this decision? Have you found the balance being a vegetarian that I haven't? Do you think strength training is conducive to vegetarianism without using protein powders?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WTF Wednesday!

So truth be told, I have been GOOD for a REALLY long time! And therefore, I haven't written y'all a fun WTF Wednesday post in awhile... I tried. I really did. I TRIED to be good! But then I saw this little nugget of a headline yesterday, and I nearly lost my shit mind...

US Requiring Back-up Cameras In Cars By 2018

What in the holy name of assanineness is THAT?!?!? Requiring backup cameras in cars? Mandatory?! For REALS?! Via legislation?! THIS is the project our country is working on?! Not terrorism. Or finding the big flipping plane that just fell out of the sky and disappeared. Or cancer research. THIS is what is considered of utmost importance?!? You have got to be pulling my leg... But oh! OH! Wait for it... Because you're going to like this... The reason they're doing this? To try and curb a few of the 210 lives that are taken each year by backup accidents... Let that sink in... There are over half a MILLION cancer deaths per year in the US. But hey- that can wait.

*bashing head into desk in frustration*

This is what I'm pretty sure our politicians look like when they think up a new law to pass...

You see- they CLAIM this change will save atleast 60 lives per year. So basically we're mandating MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars in upgrades in vehicles-via our federal government officials who CERTAINLY have better crap they could be working on- which will cost you and I a BOATLOAD of money in the end (in car payments AND insurance)- because people are idiots. Yep. Makes sense. I totally get it.

*insert sarcasm*

Okay fine. FINE. I'm sure it WILL save SOMEBODY. And yes. That's good. I'm not trying to downplay the circumstances in which this is helpful. Truth is- not everyone that does this is a space walking, shroom eating moron. And sometimes small kids are little turds and don't watch/aren't aware of what the heck they're doing. (I know, because I live NEXT DOOR to a park and my driveway is next to the jungle gym. I have to watch VERY closely and be mindful every day of those sneaky little nuggets.) But in the cases of these bozos who are drunk and/or high (which accounts for the other 75% of those deaths each year), that camera is just going to be another thing that they can't comprehend- like getting dressed, living somewhere other than their mom's house, and understanding that Doritos aren't a food group. It's not going to HELP!


Really? Freaking back up camera legislation? To the tune of MILLIONS of dollars!? Pfffttt...

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, let me just back up this hoe train and hit you with some knowledge...

In the US, 127 people PER YEAR are killed by lightning. LIGHTNING! So are we building a bubble over the US to save us from THAT ultimely demise? Because I'd rather not be flash roasted and used for croutons while clipping my lawn this summer... And by the way, do you know that 26 of those lightning deaths happen while fishing?! I think we outlaw the sport. Ban it! Close down fishing permanenly. As I mentioned, I don't look forward to waving a stick with a worm attached one minute- and then being extra crispy and served with coleslaw the next. What are we doing about THAT government, hmm?!? Lightning is legislatable. Get on that.

Also- I bet you didn't know that 100 adults per year die by CHOKING on ballpoint pens... Now- as luck would have it- and this may come as a shock to you- I have never had to worry about this little hazard before. Because, well, I'm not a moron... I'm not quite sure why the hell I'd feel the need to put a pen in my mouth- and especially down my throat- in the first place. (There are other delicious things that I clearly think belong there instead!) But it happens. One person every THREE days! Does the ink give you super powers?! Is there something I'm missing about the taste of overprocessed plastic?! And what are we doing about THAT, government, hmmm?

I think we should all be forced to use finger paints. Permanenly. The non toxic kind. Because I'd hate to start a new statistic. Ever been to kindergarten and seen the child eating glue directly from the bottle? Well that kid grows up... And moves on. To ball point pens. And most likely finger paints. And eventually shrooms. (And NOW we've come full circle. So maybe backup cameras can impact a whole REALM of brainless activity...)
*face palm*

I'm sorry, but I just cannot deal with this newest legislation...
Or maybe I should help?..... Yes! There's an idea! Help write legislation! (Are you scared yet?!?!) Help save US from OURSELVES! Oooo, that'd be fun...

300,000 deaths per year caused by obesityBan cupcakes. Forever. Put it down, Chubby! No cupcakes for you!

4,000 deaths per year in swimming poolsYou swim in puddles now! Or your bathroom sink! Or your coffee cup! No more pool for you...

822 deaths per year from falls caused by trippingThat's it! Stop ALL the things! No cupcakes. No swimming pools. And certainly no walking! You. Could. Die. The horror!

(Seriously though- tripping? Pretty much that means I'm on ATLEAST my 23rd life- because I fall CONSTANTLY. I'm a klutz and a half. For real. One of these days I'm either going to bonk my head and die or get zapped by lightning mowing the dog poops- because Lord knows I am NOT picking them up. *gag* Lazy. *gag* Poops. *gag* Squishy. *gag* Stinks. *gag* Can't. Do. It.)

I'm off to ponder this newest law, think of some more of my own, and then ask God to forgive my sassy mouth. Which happens pretty much every day.

I wonder how many people die each year thanks to bubble wrap? Microwave exposure? Faulty crosswalks? Saline implant explosions? Crocodile wrestling?