Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yes! A Home Away From Home---Gym Edition

Can I just say that Nathan and I found an Anytime Fitness Club here in Green Bay that we LOVE?!?!

We have. We found it. We love it.

But what I really love...

They have Precor CrossRamps!

This thing is an elliptical machine on crack! It not only acts as a regular elliptical, but it runs on a flywheel that let's you adjust the height of your step. Instead of just going back and forth with a slight up and down movement, you can actually turn this bad boy into a true crosstrainer and do elliptical WITH a stepping motion! TWICE THE WORKOUT! Up and down AND back and forth! (Sounds wrong; feels right---Promise!)

And oh my goodness.... People! The sweat! I ended up being on the treadmill for ten minutes and then the Crossramp for 50 minutes for a HUGE calorie burn! And the absolute best part is that the C.R. is designed to work all of your muscles, but it is extremely low impact. Therefore my aching left ankle had a great night to just rest. If that's not awesome enough, I just felt fantastic when I jumped off... I mean, like Superman style FANTASTIC!

Love this new club! (Mostly the CrossRamps, but the club is clean, smells good, is ventilated, and is cute. That's #winning in my book!)

Moving On...

Being here in the hospital is a real drag. I feel my energy being zapped as soon as I open my eyes. Cole is doing well, so hopefully we will be headed home tomorrow. (More on Cole's battle with relapsed leukemia here.)

Nate & I talked to Dr. B, Cole's oncologists, today also. He gave us great advice about where to jog in this city. Safety is a priority, so he made sure we knew the areas the avoid. He also gave us the location of a few trails, so we may check those out as well.

All in all, today is a decent day for good health. I'm staying well under my calorie limit and working out. Cole just smiled at me. And the hubby is in a good mood. It's a good day!

By the way, last night was our Biggest Loser optional weigh in. I obviously couldn't participate since the hospital is about an hour from home. The leader (so far) has lost just shy of 30 pounds in a month. He's doing great! It sounds as though the men are really doing well weight wise. I know the woman are doing great and working as hard, if not harder, but we all know that the body mass of a male includes far more muscle, making weight loss easier. Girls, you can do it! I, for one, am happy with my 2 pounds per week average loss. Dr. B says that those slow to lose are also slow to gain! And Dr. B is brilliant! :) I might not win the money, but I'll win my health and a great ass----and that's more than worth it! Hehehe....

Have a great day!



Laura (wonderwife!) said...

Hi Sarah, I wanted to let you know I just got your email and I'm going to see about running for Cole on my HM in September (that gives me time to figure out how to do it and to raise some money for you). Like I said though, I have no idea how to go about this, so I will probably spend a few days researching and then I'll get back to you. In the meantime, give Cole a big hug for me (and give yourself one too!) and I'll be back in touch! xoxo, Laura

Joan said...

Hey Sarah - amazing you're keeping this all up during such a difficult time. My hat is off to you :)

L.Reese said...

I just love your posts! I catch myself laughing out loud at some of the things you say because you write like a conversation. This post possibly motivated me to hit the gym tomorrow. Tonight I was working on Hm improvements so I'm exhausted but tomorrow will be a diff. story! Nite.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

You and your son are so amazing:)

Beth Ann said...

Praying for Cole. :)

That Crossramp thing sounds evil!!