Thursday, March 27, 2014

In Pain In The Membrane (You Sang It- Don't Lie!)

So last night I decided to get off my butt and actually DO something of the fitness variety.
You know- because starting first on Wednesday every week is the key to success...

Have I ever told you how sick to death I am of starring at four walls? Biking in the living room gets old- and in a quick hurry. Like- three months ago. Stare at the fish tank for awhile. Then the television. Then the dogs. Then the piano. B.O.R.I.N.G.

(How many times can you watch your lab lick his own parts anyway!? He was definitely going for GOLD last night... Gross. *gag*)

I cannot WAIT to get outside. Can. Not. Wait.
(It's supposed to be nearly 60 degrees this Sunday! What?!?! Yes!!!!)

For whatever reason, last night's ride on the trainer hurt. As in- my ass. For real. My tailbone was absolutely aching 20 minutes in. That's very unusual. I checked for that stick my husband is always talking about- but no dice. Must be random. ;)

When I tell you that I went HARD- I went hard. Do you SEE that speed? That is a TOUGH thing to hold on a trainer! As one of my Twitterpated friends said 'Anything over 16 mphs on a trainer is werkin'!' And he would be right! It's even tougher when you have your bike shifted to as resistant as possible... Yep. I am glutton for punishment. My thighs were SCREAMIN'. If I couldn't stay on the bike for an hour thanks to my assbone hurting, I was atleast going to work. And work I did!

The SWEAT! It was awesome. I could have filled a swimming pool for a small country. Felt. So. Good. I had intentions of also going for a walk, but I was a wet, sweaty, drippy mess and it was cold outside. Excuse number 5464691 kickin' in for the WIN.

Last night I was whining on social media about how much this vegetarian diet is absolutely killing my weight. How- you ask? Because I've conveniently replaced my lean protein with carbohydrates after having removed 90% of them from my diet the last two years. Smart, I know. My body has literally said 'WTF!?!' All the sudden, the scale is a fickle hizotch and I want to launch her through a window. Everytime I get on it I want to die. (Lol!) For real though, it does makes me mad. I should have given that up for Lent too... I mean- I'm confident that once this is over and I'm back to my former foodie ways, I'll be fine. But in the meantime I feel super crappy about my pants being WAY loose in the legs (thanks to my bike) but tighter in the waistline. Gah! That's what I DON'T need. A larger waistline. That's where ALL of my problem is. *sigh* Just have to make it to Easter... (I am doing VERY well with the vegetarian thing though, just so you know. 22 days down! 22! Wow! )

Did you ever make a diet choice that messed things up? When is spring coming? What's your favorite protein and why? (Keep it clean! ;)


Vegetarians, pescaratians, and overall awesome chef/foodie friends:

I want YOUR help! I'm so bored to tears with salad right now that I could just shrivel up in a gutter somewhere... Please, please, PLEASE send me your vegetarian or pescatarian (fish) recipes!

My email is: You can also leave it in the comments here!

Why, you ask? Because I like to eat! I will make and POST my favorite recipe and give you a shout out and/or link back. For the record: I love soups, eat just about every fruit and vegetable, and am totally open minded. If someone has a favorite black bean burger recipe, I'm especially looking for that. Thanks in advance!


Cassandra :D said...

I've been a vegetarian for over 10 years, substituting carbs & dairy is very common for new vegetarians. You won't be a vegetarian for long, so you won't have time to adjust. So look up vegetarian times website, or for ideas that include beans. Do not substitute cheese for meat, try a hummus avocado sandwich, wrap or salad. You can definitely do this. Hopefully take some skills you learn forward on your journey. I have a great new recipe for cheesy, broccoli rice with chickpeas. It's so good and with reduced fat cheese, it's lower in calories.

Jewlz280 said...

Pinterest is your friend. I'm trying to up my protein but I'm a carb lover in the morning so I'm going to try some new quinoa dishes. Pinterest has TONS. One that involves broccoli and egg. YUM. May try that tonight!

V!ctor!a said...

shrimp (not sure if that's allowed as fish), avocado, chick peas, corn, tomato, cilantro (love cilantro!!!) red onion, and any other random things you may wish to put in there. Spray it all with lime juice and enjoy!

Bari said...

I did the vegetarian thing for 6 months (not vegan) and no red meat for a year. Let me tell you, I'm about the WORST vegetarian on the planet because I got really fat on my all carb, all the time diet. I won't ever do that again. Then, a couple months ago, I decided to eliminate sugar and grains from my diet. I dropped 5 pounds in 3 days (from my kidneys flushing out water) and I was almost in 2 accidents because I was braindead. When I calculated calories, I was getting less than 500 a day after my workouts. This is precisely why I won't go paleo. I know I would frak it up and do more harm than good. I don't eat enough variety and I won't make extra food for me other than what the family is eating. Bad.

Beth Ann said...

I make bad diet decisions constantly. I don't mean to. I mean well. But sometimes I'm wrong. So, I try and fix it. But usually have a piece of cake first.

Theresa Sutton said...

I'm a sucker for baked chicken breast and fish. I also get quite a bit of protein from juicing. In fact, I've got a 3-day detox coming up this week.

And I agree with some of the commentors, Pinterest is great for finding recipes to switch it up every now and again!

FitBy40 said...

I have considered going strictly veg for years. We don't eat red meat in our family, and all the stories about hormones in chicken grosses me out. I could live without it, I love beans and such, but my kids wouldn't get enough protein without chicken and fish.

However, our favorite dish is to toss togetehr some crab meat and firm/cubed tofu in a sautee pan with a little coconut oil and cook it up for about 10 minutes, until the tofu starts to get slightly brown. You can serve that over brown rice. I add soy sauce to mine because I love salt, but the rest of the fmaily eats it just plain.