Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The MisAdventures of Sarah

Omgosh! I am SO behind! Life has been just a liiiiiiitle bit (lot) busy the last week or so- and I've totally lost track of time in the blogging sense. I have been running, literally and figuratively, every day!


Friday after work things turned super sweet in a quick hurry. I wore my brand new floor length maxi skirt, so it was MEANT to be a good day right off the bat. (It feels like BUTTER, people! BUTTER! Long and flowy and bright and comfy!) But THEN----my husband also surprised me when I got home and put together an amazing night complete with my favorite dinner, movies, flowers, and treats. (I didn't NEED those treats calorie wise, but occasionally is fine. Is what it is. Show me sometime who NEVER has sugar and I'll show you a liar.) The truth is, I've been working very, very hard at the office and I was really feeling it. Nate decided I needed a little mini vacation. So- kiddo was off to Grammas and I curled up on the sofa and relaxed ALL NIGHT. It was PERFECT! I have NO idea when the last time is that that happened... Loved. Every. Second.


Saturday was a WHIRLWIND! My mom and I hit the big city and spent literally all day shopping. I didn't buy too much, but walking all day felt really good. I took my mom for an incredible Italian lunch at Victorias and picked up some new Clinique goodies at Macys. Those were the highlights of the day for SURE! (Although some would argue that that bright pink lipstick was the highlight! Lady at the makeup counter though it looked really good on me. Jury is still out...)
More on my recent adventures soon! We've been out walking the city recently (since the weather is actually bearable) and there's LOTS to talk about. Spring is here!



♥ Drazil ♥ said...

It's almost unbelievable that it's not snowing isn't it? That we can walk outside without a freaking snowsuit on? Love the skirt, chocolate, and pic. And love you of course!

Beth Ann said...

That pile of asparagus looks awesome!

Vanessa said...

Love that dress!!

Shannon Tatlock said...

LOVE Maxi skirts. I need more in my life.

You look so happy in that photo. :)

Also, that grilled asparagus? DROOLWORTHY!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

What a fabulous weekend! I love your new maxi how beautiful. Also your husband did so good - how sweet. I used to work at Clinique, love their powder choices. I use the translucent loose powder, keeps me from being so oily ;-)

Leslie said...

First time to your site :) I love all your pictures!!! I have read several of your posts, so some of this may be in response to more than one. I love what your husband did! That was so sweet:) Love the lipstick as well. It doesn't look bright pink to me. I don't know the answer on the protein issue. I eat lots of meat (way too much probably), but I know my Aunt who is a vegetarian talked about having a hard time getting in enough protein.