Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Getting Back To Normal

It's amazing the progress you make when you stop screwing around and actually PLAN for success. For real. I always forget how well things go when you actually THINK about what you're doing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that you're not chasing after snacks to make up for them last minute. I forget how motivating it is to tell yourself you're working out that day whether you like it or not. Those things make a HUGE difference.

Know what else helps?

1. A lunchbag.

Seriously! I bought this cute lunch bag and I set it on my counter each night to remind myself that I not only need to take it the next day, but that I need to actually think about what's in it. I plan breakfast. I plan lunch. I plan dinner. I even take grapes for a snack just in case I get hungry in between!

It's AMAZING how healthy you eat when you plan!!!

2. A garden.

Eating out of our garden has been really neat! I love going out there and cutting herbs and greens for salads. Our zucchinis will be ready this week too, so I can't wait to dig into them! Nate and Cole have already been snacking on the kohlrabis too (which I'm not a fan of.) Next will be tomatoes! And holy cow---we are going to have the motherload! Potatoes are going to be nuts too... So cool growing your own stuff!

3. Functional fitness.

This sounds funny, I know, but in the last week I have pushed, pulled, lifted, and shoveled more 'stuff' than probably ever. We are building a garage and doing the manual labor ourselves largely. So that means there is gravel to be moved, leveled, and removed. There is rebar to be lifted, dragged, and placed. There is a foundation to be compacted. Etc, etc, etc. It's good, hard, honest work- and it felt really good to work my muscles.

I feel like I'm getting there. Finally. I just needed to remind myself that planning makes life easier. I needed to remind myself that it wasn't a race to the finish, but rather a marathon that requires patience and focus and repetition.

I'm getting there.



Running Librarian said...

You can do this Sarah! Planning helps everything..i need to look at some of my meals. Pizza was ordered yesterday bc I did feel like having anything in my frig. Ugh.

BostonGal said...

So happy you're back!

FitBy40 said...

We have a garden too but I'm only doing tomatoes, peppers and kale this year. So far the Kale is the only thing ready. Once the tomatoes are ready we'll have more than we can use and will give them to the neighbors too.
I love having a garden but yes, it's a ton of work! My back aches all summer.
Great job on that garage!